Friday, 11 June 2010

This Blog

Is moving... to - I'm going to continue my professional blog on there so feel free to have a look every now and again on there. I'll try and keep it up dated. :)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Green is the LEAST of our worries...

Shot 15 -TITLE SHOT - Don't have but ready.
Shot 17 (1st Part) - Don't have but ready.
Shot 20 - Gun trigger... I can export again off my mac if not on Vanguard.
Shot 22 - Spit out and bullets in...I need to work on AE File.
Shot 23 - Jump over chair...Needs the pupils (I don't have it on my file but it is done)
Shot 25 - Bullets and Cracks (Crawl to window)
Shot 27 a and b - Through the wall shot. Sam Composite two windows.Wall you probably already have and the other one I'm not sure.
Shot 29-31 Hitman Reaction ? - Will try and do this tonight as a lot of these have been cut.
Shot 32 - Blinds shot Probably use the same composite image for shot 27b
Shot 33 - Bullets on front of building.
Shot 39 - Rendered but needs to be comped with turned down bump on target which I have rendered on mac - will take 5 mins.
Shot 40 - walk towards target? Is it CUT? Don't have it though.
Shot 46 - Hitman drags out target - Rendered I think... ?
Shot 47 - Ninja Party, To render?

GREEN is the LEAST of our worries.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Done. I hope... probably glitches a bit due to the moving camera... but I think its ok. :s


Is a bit dodge... the way the background (exterior) moves... just a heads up.


Rendered my shot 32 - where as well as lit it quite nicely... I hope. looks ok.. bit dodge but ok. Passable. lol
I've also fixed and re-rendered the target in 39 ready to be overlayed Monday Morning.

Nearly there

Only a week or two late...
we have the renders out....
we have the shots looking nice....
compositing pretty much there...
just need to lay it all out in order - and we have a film....
Stu and Sam need to render one shot... which is SEMI vital.
I've fixed the Bump on the target in shot 39...
I need to create a news report for the screen in AE for Shot 18

Sam/I need to Comp 27/28 ...Fake shot through the wall with the outside to be added to SHOTS worth as it pans through the wall.

Shot 32 ? ... Looking through the Blinds. Needs to be rendered I believe. I'm going to set that now.... If poss.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Ninja details in a shot I animated... thought I'd show this now I have time.

Adrive appears to be down today... not sure why this has happened... right when we need it.... no more backing up it would appear on the Adrive. And it could set us back.

Also Dan Dalli said I was getting print credit - all I know is I've still only got around £5... that won't go far with 25 students on it.